Danielle Tapered Leg 110mm - Mahogany

Danielle Tapered Leg 110mm - Mahogany
Danielle Tapered Sofa Leg 110mm Mahogany finish. Dimensions 100mm high, 70x70mm taper to 40x40mm. Top quality solid European Beech timber for sofas and chairs. First class mahogany polish over fine-grained NATURAL timber. Metric m8 Insert Screw included in price. ONLY FIVE (5) IN STOCK
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NZ$ 19.44 including GST
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Height is 110mm (threaded rod is extra)

Tapered 2 faces from 70mm x 70mm to 40mm x 40mm

European fine-grained Beech timber

Clear Gloss Lacquer finish

Threaded Rod fitting Metric m8 x 30mm

Threaded Rod goes right through the height of th leg for strength

Insert Screw Metric m8 included with price